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26 Apr Hackers then used Mudd's program to perform million DDoS attacks on games like RuneScape, programs like TeamSpeak, and other Sony. 25 Sep I just watched a video of all these people that get ddos'ed/dc'ed while vs'ing rot in the last couple of dmm tournaments. I heard it thrown around. I was pking and i DCed in the middle of a fight. I died. I never dced in the middle of a fight. Only lag. I gear up again. I see the player i was.

1 Jun i need a tool for ddosing runescape accounts. this could be usefull in pvp, wildy and staking e.g you stake somone 10m, just run the program. 31 Mar DDoS attacks are often used for political purposes. If it was really that easy to DDoS RuneScape, people protesting against controversial. 28 Sep $20K RuneScape Tournament Can't Decide A Winner Because Reign of Terror has been accused of issuing DDOS attacks during past.

19 Jun Page 1 of 4 - Runescape Pking: World Ddos And Ddosing In General - posted in PK General: So if you haven't seen/heard, lately a thing called. 8 Nov Jagex has made a multi-million pound investment in its flagship MMO RuneScape in an effort to halt DDoS attacks disrupting its servers. Many of you have recognized repeated disconnections even though participating in Old School RuneScape(OSRS) over the previous 7 days, and they are.


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